Travel January, 10th 2010 by E.

The world's first Cocaine Bar

Today our Travel Department is going to take a look at what no doubt would have been Rick James’ favorite hangout on this planet: The La Paz Cocaine Bar! I know you’re probably a bit put off by the name this establishment carries, but come on, stop being a pansy, it’s just cocaine. There’s nothing even remotely negative to say about it! Some ancient cultures even praise it’s healing qualities, and you and I know it takes a lot of time and dedication to set up an ancient culture, so obviously those people must know what they’re talking about. Cocaine is only bad for you when you stop (ab)using it!

If this is your viewpoint on cocaine, this travel tip is what you want.  ·Via·

Tired of the typical bar scene? Looking for a more unique approach to having a drink? Route 36 Cocaine bar located in La Paz, Bolivia offers more than your average beer and cocktail nuts.
Route 36 is a tourist hot spot located in one of Bolivia’s capital cities, La Paz. The after-hours bar attracts local as well as foreign drug users and backpackers. Route 36 offers the often expensive and well sought out drug cocaine alongside the regular alcoholic drinks. Being the word’s first and only cocaine bar, it attracts travelers from all across the globe. Vacationers praise Route 36 as being one of the greatest travel experiences in South America.

Interested in taking a trip to South America for the chance to explore Route 36 for yourself? It may be helpful to know that the location of the bar is not very stable. Many oblivious tourists find themselves looking for the lounge to no avail. Due to neighbor complaints about the use of an illegal drug, the location of the bar frequently changes. A few months is the maximum amount of months that the bar typically stays in one location, while a few weeks is the average.

The ever-growing illegal drug trafficking scene in Bolivia, opposed to countries such as Colombia, had increased majorly during the last decade. Cocaine production is on the rise and attempts to stop it prove to be extremely futile.

The drug cocaine is illegal in Bolivia, but that didn’t hinder Route 36 from becoming one of the country’s most loved and visited lounges. Thousands upon thousands of tourists make a stop to partake in the otherwise expensive to difficult to find drug. Many tourists advocate the Bolivian cocaine because of its purity, price, and availability.

If you are interested in more than just the usual bar, consider Route 36 in La Paz, Bolivia for the adventure of a lifetime.

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