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Alphyn industries iPad jacket

The high tech piece of clothing all you Techies have been waiting for for so long has arrived. Alphyn Industries has managed to mix fashion with an iPad! With the PADX-1 LEDGE Wearcom iPad Jacket, you’re getting fashion and function at the same time.

The iPad Jacket derives it’s name from the fact that a zippered pouch on the chest is made to house an iPad. Folding the pouch down will allow the owner of this work of art to use their iPad while walking. How convenient, you say? Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find out why you are wrong.

To be honest, I think we can agree that this jacket isn’t ‘that’ fashionable. As for the functionality of having an iPad on your chest, well, I imagine maybe Stephen Hawking might be able to find a use for that. I get the idea of having a specific iPhone pocket in your jacket, but this equates to putting 30 inch wheels on your midsize sedan. I’m not alone in voicing my slightly sceptical opinion on this item. As you can see in the photos, wearing and operating this jacket in public will cause chuckles, as demonstrated by the lady on the opposite side of the train on picture five. Also notice how the man in the background of picture 6 has closed his eyes in shame after watching the jacket in action.

The only plus size of having an iPad in front of your stomach is the luxury of getting to pretend you have rock hard abs, but even that won’t be useful as no girl alive would get aroused from seeing you walk around with an iPad on your body anyway.

Special Bonus

If the pictures didn’t do it for you, we have a special video showcasing the jacket that’s already being dubbed as the biggest invention since sliced bread.

And some more footage to provide visual evidence to my claim that this is in fact not the best idea in the world:

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