Cars, Planes & Yachts February, 15th 2011 by MarkyMarc

Ferrari FF: Italian Swiss Knife

Hello chaps. I had a dream last night, about the perfect car. It can sit four people comfortably, preferably one guy and three gals. Or if you are more of a family man, you, your hot sexy momma,  two annoying kids, and a drooling dog in the back.  What if all this space were to be accompanied by a sleak, low, exotic, sexy Italian design?

I’m just freewheeling here but let’s say it has a V12 with about, well, something in the likes of 660 BHP at 8000 RPM and a zero-to-sixty time of 3.6 seconds.  Oh and a top speed of 208 MPH should be enough. To top all this fantasy talk off, a very sophisticated four wheel drive system which can handle any weather condition, because bad weather conditions can be a pain in the ass when driving an exotic car. The badge it has to wear could be something like Lamborghini, Mclaren, Porsche or Ferrari. Yeah lets go for Ferrari, I’ve always been more of a Ferrari man.

WTF mate. I literally copy-pasted the above in Google search, and guess what, IT EXISTS! Apparently it’s called the Ferrari FF. FF stands for Fat Fuck. Nope just kidding it means Ferrari Four. That’s the only downside to this reallife dreamcar. It has a pretty dull name for such an awesome car. It should’ve been called the Ferrari Assolutamente Frigorifero Stuzzicadenti. Translated it means absolutely refridgerator toothpick,  which doesn’t make any sense but who cares? It sounds awesome.

While typing the last part I’ve also been lurking around different car forums and car related sites. Yes ladies I can multitask too. In fact I’m also breathing, letting my heart beat and blinking my eyes at the same time. Anyways, enough showboating…  on the forums and car related sites I saw alot of negative comments about the design. Because so called ‘purists’ say it’s pretty damn different from the Ferrari Heritage and therefore ugly although they’ve never seen it.

Apparently there are serveral kinds a ‘purists’. The 50′s and early 60’s purists, the pre-Fiat purists, the pre-Enzo passing purists, the 308 “Magnum” and Testarossa “Miami Vice” purists, the 355 “the most wonderful car ever made ever” purists, and the purists who never owned one and will never own one but tell everyone else what they should and should not own.

So, it’s difficult to fight ‘purism’ because there are so many ways they can attack. All I can say is make up your own mind. We at MenReport love it!  I’m off, jolly good day to you all chaps.


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