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HotelTonight App helps you sleep for cheap

If you think like us, you already share the belief that traveling with a pre-set itinerary is something people used to do way, way back in the Dark Ages, which, in our opinion, ended with the creation and worldwide integration of the internet.

It’s no secret that traditional travel agencies only want you to fly to airports and sleep at hotels where they can take an as big as possible cut out of your travel budget. Using online companies like Expedia and PriceLine has been proven to give you a way better bang for your buck, with less of a hassle.

Websites are SO 2010 though, so for the restless always-on-the-move crowd HotelTonight’s new iPhone app, aptly called the HotelTonight App, gives you specific and user-targeted hotel information on the move. Trying to keep things simple, the App finds you 3 good deals (up to 70% discounts) in the city you’re in: A hipster hotel, a more elegant venue, and a budget-oriented option, which might come in very handy if street prostitution is the name of your game.

The app has been around for a few months, but just like with any new idea, it needed some time to grow to become truly functional. More hotels and cities are being added to the database daily, as HotelTonight carefully selects their partners instead of just leeching information off of other bargain-oriented travel sites. This is obviously a lot of work, but this personal touch is just what’s missing from the big players mentioned earlier in this article.

To put all this into a (fake) real-world perspective, check out the promotional video below:

It sure has been a long time since I was as happy walking into a hotel room as the people featured at the end of the video.. so I guess that means the App must be good.

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