Babes February, 25th 2011 by MarkyMarc

JuJu: Thickest Ass In The World

I see myself as an explorer. I’ve been all over the world to find the perfect ass. You can call me the Columbus of ass. Or for you guys that were born after the introduction of French fries and Mickey Mouse, you can call me the Indiana  Jones of ass.

I’m happy to report that after fourteen years of searching (the moment I got my pubs) I finally found this perfect piece of crafted meat. It belongs to Juliana Salimeni a.k.a. JuJu. It is so perfect I could look at it for the rest of my life without blinking once.

She’s been on my assdar for more than a year now. But being an explorer I wanted to inspect that ass from every angle possible. Unfortunately there wasn’t much footage to feast my eyes on.  But after she took the Brazilian Playboy gig back in 2010 her ass became more famous in one night than Pamela Anderson’s body in her entire career.

If you are lucky enough to live in Brazil…wait that doesn’t sound right. If you are unlucky enough to live in Brazil but you are one of the lucky few who actually owns a TV you can see JuJu in action. She’s part of a babe squad on a show called Panicats. She does many important things on that show. Like in depth ass shaking, political ass shaking, editorial ass shaking, on the scene ass shaking and so on.

Besides her ass she has many more talents. To name a few. A decent face, a very nice rack, a six pack tummy and a set of legs that even Ronnie Coleman would be jealous of. We at meneport give her an 11 out of 10.  Ow don’t forget to check out the video below. You can see her ass in the flesh parading around at 720p. Enjoy.

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  • paul says

    ughhh disgusting! juju looks more like muscled gorilla to me.

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