Why So Serious? February, 17th 2011 by E.

Usher and Bieber: What's going on here?

If you’re into Grammy Awards, odds are you probably watched the Grammy Awards ceremony last sunday. Now, most of the show was too mundane to be described by a sexy three syllable word like mediocre. Meh seems to be the most accurate description for this year’s award show that has so many awards, most of them don’t even get shown in the show.

But at about the 1 hour mark of this Meh-show, something iffy happened. Now for politically correct reasons, I need to say that maybe I’m the only one who found this particular scene a bit strange.. After all, I was raised to believe that Sunday is Whisky Day, and alcohol is known to have various negative effects on your ability to understand just what kind of information your senses are feeding into your brain.

Watch the clip and turn your Anti-pedophile radar up to 11:

Wait, what? Exactly how did you guys meet? And why is Usher looking around for 13 year old boys on a random Atlanta parking lot? This is a very legit cause for concern. In a time where every catholic priest seems to be trying to cover up having ever been involved in shady practices with underage boys, these two celebrities are as open as a 7/11 about the whole issue!

Of course, we could be misreading the situation, but then again that might be what they want us to think.. right?

To top all of the Grammy-Mehness off, the produces decided it was a jolly good idea to have pretty much the whitest rock band known to mankind perform a tribute to the African-American soul god Teddy Pendergrass. Now we’re all for racial equality on Menreport, but Lady Antebellum’s take on Teddy’s classics just didn’t do it for us. Nevertheless, to keep the spirit going, here’s a flyer for next year’s tribute performance:

Beatles Tribute Medley as performed by: Gucci Mane, 50 Cent, T.I., Lil Wayne

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