Cars, Planes & Yachts February, 11th 2011 by MarkyMarc

WallyPower 73: Batman’s choice

I have a scenario for you gentlemen. What if you were Batman, and for some vague reason the script writters thought we need to go all WaterWorld setting on Bruce Wayne. Fighting off an evil villain who lives on a remote island, and his army of henchmen ride speedboats with big ass guns on them.

What kind of boat should Bruce use? In my not so humble opinion I’d say give him a WallyPower. The sight alone is so menacing, the henchmen would wet their panties and run like there is no tomorrow. I just called Christopher Nolan and he agrees with me, they are revising the script as I am typing.  Because he’s not doing a WaterWorld theme they are gonna take out the Lambo, the Batman bike and his Batman tank and put in a WallyPower on wheels.

But what if you are not Batman, but you do have Bruce Wayne money to spend and you want a yacht to cruise around the likes of Monaco, Marbella, Ibiza or somewhere on Lake Como. I would be betting on a Wally ofcourse,  preferably their latest creation. The WallyPower 73. Which stands for Wally, lots of Powahhhh,  and  73 feet long.

I will let you in on a couple of features this yacht has. It has a very special V-shape hull combined with a hydrodynamic shape allowing for smooth and pleasurable navigation at high speeds, with the addition of great stability on the waves. Basically it’s shaped like a knife cutting waves like butter. Wait knife doesn’t do it justice, it cuts waves like a lightsaber.

It’s pretty damn quiet as well because the engines have chime dampers. That means my fellow Jaque Cousteau’s when the yacht has air time and lands on the watersurface the impact is balanced by the dampers. So you don’t get that wooomm, wooomm, wooomm sound.  This is a good thing, because you can hear your whining golddigging girlfriend better when you go fast.

It’s pretty light for a boat that size, 101,412lbs to be exact. The hull is built from exotic fiberglass materials strengthened and reinforced with a carbon fiber frame. The upper superstructure combines laminated glass with again carbon fiber.

The glass used in the superstructure has sensors equipped to it that monitor sunlight. The more sunlight the sensors hit the more dimmed the glass gets. You can also adjust the amount of dimmness (if that’s even a word) manually. Which is pretty damn handy when you are having an orgy on board at night.

The engines on this thing can spin the world backwards. Yes that’s right engines. Two very poweful MAN V12 diesels,  packing 1800hp each.  That’s about three Bugatti Veyrons. The engines unleash their power in the water through two Rolls-Royce KaMeWa A50 (not to be mistaken with Dragon Ball Z) waterjets.  Top speed you ask?  44 knots, that’s about 50 mph for land people.

She has a range of 3000 nautical miles, the only thing you have to do to achieve this is fill her up with 1031 gallons of diesel, or about 4250 dollars of your hard earned money. If you can spend 4250 dollars on a tank of gas you sure as hell can spend 3,5 mln dollars on a WallyPower 73. Be sure to check the centralized vacuum cleaning option on your order form. I will promiss you it makes sure there is not a single drop of dust anywhere, anytime.

To sum all this greatness up, Batman likes it, villains and henchmen will hate it,  Christopher Nolan likes it, and Menreport loves it. If your bankaccount allows it, YOU GO GIRL! I’m off, my mom is yelling, dinner is ready. Cheerio.

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