News March, 9th 2011 by Nick

Can you still afford to fuel your Hummer?

In 2008, gas prices rose to $4 a Gallon under the Bush administration, causing mass hysteria in the USA. Governor Barbour is convinced Team Obama is planning to make $4 dollars look like a bargain though, saying America is planning to raise gas prices to European levels. With a rising national debt caused by corporate big-shots at Wall Street still wanting to eat a healthy dose of  Beluga caviar for breakfast, the goverment needs extreme measures to find the money to fund the upcoming war in the Middle East, making the rumors sound not that unlikely at all.

With the effects of the Tunisian revolution rippling throughout the Middle East, some form of military intervention by the USA is getting to be very likely. Not because of Kim Kardashian’s suffering relatives or desert wildlife protection, but for the black gold.  It’s no secret that the whole Western economy runs on oil. Now that politcal chaos has stuck in Tunesia,Egypt and Libya, it’s likely to hit big OPEC players like Oman and Saudi Arabia in the near future.

So how is the turmoil in the Middle East going to affect global gas prices? Three options come to mind:

1. While it’s not likely, peace and stability might return in the Middle East (hey, you never know) and the price of gas will return to a more acceptable level, meaning you’ll still be able to afford a cross-country roadtrip to Disneyland.

2. Car manufacturers like Tesla and Fisker will start producing lower priced cars for the whole nation, fueled by electricity, so we can collectively stick it to the Middle East and be free of oil-needs.

3. The OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) will tap into their oil reserves to level out the the  prices, keeping the effects the Middle-Eastern turmoil has on the global economy to a minimum.

To be honest, it’s not likely anyone in the world already knows how this situation is going to play out. With oil and gas prices having such a big impact on the economy, it’s likely governments will do anything to keep a sudden 300% increase in gas prices a reality. If that won’t work, gas prices will keep rising to ridiculous new heights and your Hummer will have to stay in the garage in the future. But as they say, you can either see the glass as half full or half empty: Just try a bicycle instead!

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