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Google Circles: New social network website

Google is planning to continue a trend we’ve been seeing with IT companies for years now: If someone else has a good idea, and they don’t want to sell their company, just borrow their idea and change it up just enough to keep the lawsuits to a minimum: Google Circles is Google’s sort-of-new take on social networking.

Circles - previously known as Google Me, Google +1 and Google Loop - is going to be an all new service, giving you the opportunity to send messages, pictures and videos with the world. Now I know you’re asking yourself: Wait, didn’t something like this already exist? And didn’t Google already try this? The answer to both questions, interestingly, is yes.

So, how is Google Circles any different? Basically the only really interesting difference is the ability to share different messages and media with different people. If you’re a real man, you’re now thinking about the huge amount of time you’ll save by not having to create different facebook profiles for your mistresses, your friends and your family. Yes, in that order.

While there’s obviously not a lot that’s going to set Circle apart from it’s counterparts, there’s no denying that the ability to choose to adress just a section of your contacts instead of all of your family and friends is something that’s missing from the current social media big dogs.

Keep in mind that Google is remaining very tight-lipped about these rumors, though company execs have repeatedly stated that incorporating social media in the Google Universe is high on the company’s to-do list. Google Circles is slated for a May 2011 release, but since google is, so far, pleading the fifth, MenReport will keep you posted once the service gets officialy announced.

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