ElectronicsLifestyle March, 3rd 2011 by MarkyMarc

iPad 2: It’s Magical

Just a couple of hours ago Apple launched the iPad 2. Yes baby, it’s official. Basically it’s the same, only alot better. It houses a new 1 Ghz duo core A5 processor which is twice as fast as the old one. They also claim its graphics performance is 9 times better than the old one.

You can hook it up to a big ass screen with an HDMI cable.  But then what? You lay it on the desk and start typing in a very inconvenient, unnatural way? No I get it you can control stuff through touch on your iPad 2 screen and look at it on the big screen. Which to me seems kinda difficult. I’m not aware there are people in the world who don’t need to look at the iPad while navigating, besides glass there is no reference. So you have to look at your ipad screen to navigate and then look at it on the big ass screen, but you’ve already seen whatever porn you are looking at, so what’s the point.

I think I found it, you can hook up a keyboard and mouse through the USB po… oopsy still no USB. Last chance. It’s for looking at pictures you’ve uploaded to your ipad through your big ass screen’s buddy the PC or MAC because they have USB ports and SD-Card slots to hook your real camera up too. Yes I know the iPad 2 has two camera’s but seriously are you gonna snap a quick picture on vacation and put it back in your pocket?

But seriously I do know what it’s for. Apple says: ‘ Everyone sees what’s on your display — even when you rotate iPad from portrait to landscape. A lesson at school. A presentation at work. Your favorite app on your HDTV. Now one iPad gets the attention of many on a big (and bigger) screen.’ Don’t be a cheapskate buy your own damn iPad 2. And for you presentation geeks, bring a long HDMI cable, you have to hook it up to the beamer on the 8 foot ceiling. Or on the computer that’s usually on the outer right or left side of the room.

Anyways, that’s the only thing I don’t like about it. Well I do like it, the more options the better and maybe I will use it once in two life times  but come on Steve it’s not that big a deal. USB would’ve been much better but you don’t want to lose money now do you?

Anyways part two. I do like it. It’s 33% thinner (only 8.8mm thick), it has a flat back so it’s doesn’t go all ‘spin the bottle’on you when you put it down. It has a front and rear facing camera. The rear facing camera can record 720p at 30fps with 5x zoom. The front facing camera has a modest VGA resolution. But who want’s to see your face anyways. Ow and the battery life remains the same, 10 hours of PornHub a day. And last but not least you can get it in Black and White.

Pricing, has been left unchanged, starting at $499 for a 16GB WiFi-only iPad 2 and stretching up to $829 for a WiFi + 3G. Don’t forget to buy the HDMI 1080p output cable for your big ass screen, only $39 for once in two life times use.

Perhaps I can interest you in of the best accessories I’ve ever seen. An iPad 2 case, As Steve puts it: ‘We designed the case right alongside the product. It’s not a case — it’s a cover’.  it’s a magnetic flap that protects the front and automatically wakes and puts the device to sleep according to whether it’s open or closed. The beauty of it is, and that’s why I like it so much is that is completely protects the front, and doesn’t protect the sides nor the rear at all….so when you are on the road with it IT GETS THE SHIT SCRATCHED OUT OF IT. Thank your for reading.

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