Babes March, 2nd 2011 by Nick

Isla Fisher - Red hair beauty

Nowadays, when you see Middle-Eastern country Oman in the news it always has something to do with riots, regimes, and other naughty things that influence global oil prices and the econom as a whole. Back in 1976, however, Oman was a happy place as it was the place of birth of stunning red haired beauty Isla Fisher. It’s suspected that Oman took a turn for the worse when her parents decided to move to Australia in 1980. We sincerely applaud that move, since it would have been a shame to heid this feisty thing under a burka!

After settling in and learning the language, Isla began to show an interest in both acting and writing. Her hard work paid of when, at the young age of 18, she managed to to write two novels with the help of her mum. Both of the novels became bestsellers!

I started when I was 18 with my first book. But, before that, I was always in special writing classes after school, and I had always written. My mom wrote, and I had always wanted to be a writer. But, then I just realized that I liked to play dress up too.”

Writing is great, but you guys all know it’s also a bit anti-social. Not anti-social, but you’re alone in a room. It’s isolating. I’ve discovered that with age. I was very young when I wrote, and I wrote with my mother, so it was more collaborative, and I had a lot of help. I really love creating characters and I love following a structure. It’s exciting, writing. Acting, you’re told where to stand, what to say and you’re always being cut out of the exciting bit, where you could go anywhere and do anything with any character. Ultimately, I’m too gregarious.

After she got her acting break be getting to play the ever-popular Shannon on Aussie soap opera Home and Away, Isla moved to Britain to try her luck overseas. The move turned out to be a good one, and she began making headlines as a solid actress and a frequent celebrity-dater. After Isla Fisher married British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen (aka Ali G and Borat), the couple moved to Hollywood where she landed roles in Scooby-Doo (2002) and I Heart Huckabees (2004). Her next major role came alongside Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in The Wedding Crashers in 2005. Isla Fisher then appeared in the 2007 flicks The Lookout, Wedding Daze and Hot Rod, and followed that up with Horton Hears A Who! in 2008 and Confessions Of A Shopaholic in 2009.

Fortunately, there’s more to this girl than boring stuff like brains and talent. She’s smoking hot, and you know what they say about red-heads: The rustier the roof, the wetter the basement!

The combination of Isla’s petite figure and striking red hair grabbed our attention immediately. As a matter of fact, she’s so petite that we made sure to do some age-researching before we went ahead and enjoyed the view after we found out that she’s well over the legal age limit. Isla Fisher’s angelic face completes a striking package of brains and beauty that Borat sure can be proud of!

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