Why So Serious? March, 14th 2011 by Nick

The world’s most expensive poker set

If you really feel the need to impress your high-stakes poker buddies, an exclusive set of insanely expensive poker chips will definitely get the job done. Lucky for you, London-based Geoffrey Parker, an exclusive manufacturer of hand-made board and card games is offering the Bespoke Poker Set at a staggering $7.5 million, meaning even established poker superstars like Phil Ivey and Liv Boeree won’t be able to maintain their poker face when they look at the price tag.

The set for the ultimate high stakes game of poker comes with an alligator-skin covered case finished in the color of your choice, equipped with 18 kt white gold hardware and combination locks . The case features an 18 kt gold and diamond frame to hold 384 18 kt white gold poker chips, each inlaid on both sides with shagreen (stingray skin), embossed with the monetary values of your choice.

The chip’s edges are set with sapphires for the blue chips, rubies for red chips, emerald for green, and white and black diamonds for the white and black ones. The dealer button will be a larger 18 kt white gold “chip”  featuring two rows of diamonds at the edge.

For $7.5 million you’ll get an estimated 22,364 precious stones in all, totalling a whopping 1,012 carats. If you call directly and place your order by phone (right..), you’ll get four platinum-plated decks of poker cards for free… but who gives a damn about a tiny discount when you’ve just spent Beverly Hills Mansion-money on a set of chips?

Gentlemen, please share your insight: Is the Bespoke Poker Set even more redundant than Kim Kardashian’s million dollar lollipop, or does this $7.5 million poker-prop actually seem pretty mundane to you? Let us know in the comments!

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