Why So Serious? April, 4th 2011 by MarkyMarc

Kill Your Dog!

…….with your imagination that is. I’m a dog owner so I want to do that a couple of times a day. The nice thing is, I can now actually point and shoot at my dog (I don’t need to imagine the gun anymore). The bad thing is, it’s not a real gun: Povodokus by Art Lebedev Studio is a retractable leash that is shaped like a gun. When you pull the trigger, the leash is blocked, pull it again and your pooch is free to go. The leash itself is red, which makes you look like a bad-ass with a laser dot, a la Sam Fisher in Splintercell.

It would be nice if your dog understood the concept that when there is a gun pointed at you, you do what the person with the gun tells you to do. That would save you a lot of money in puppy training. Unfortunately my dog is too stupid for that, in fact I think that when I point a gun at him he’ll just walk up to it and start licking the barrel. So what do you need the Povodokus for then? That’s simple, you’ll be the coolest dude in the park, and be honest:  Fake or real, holding a gun always makes you feel good.

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  • paul says

    you might get shot down by police when walking your dog lol

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