Why So Serious? April, 2nd 2011 by MarkyMarc

The Official Ferrari Opus

I’m a huge Ferrari fan. I like the cars, the heritage and the blablabla surrounding them. So I went to my local bookstore to buy myself a nice Ferrari encyclopedia. Youngsters are like WTF is that?! Well that’s like a wikipedia page made out of trees instead of bytes and bits.

Anyways I went to the car section and found myself a nice Ferrari encyclopedia with leather and some shiny pieces on the front. It was pretty damn heavy, give or take 80 pounds, difficult to hold because of the size, 40 by 40 inches and 582 pages thick. I was like this will do. I went to the counter, the bookstore milf scanned in the book and said, ‘that will be 275.000 dollars please’. I was like hell no bitch, you are doing it wrong. She said ‘no sir that’s the Ferrari Opus Enzo Diamante edition, it’s the only one of its kind it’s covered in leather and the Ferrari logo is layed in with diamonds. So I was like well that changes the situation I’ll take it.

I’m really sorry guys but it’s mine now, only one in existence baby.  But if you are still interested, there are three other low-class versions. The ‘Enzo edition’, 400 copies, 37.500 dollars, the ‘Cavallino Rampante edition’, 500 copies, 7000 dollars a pop and last but definitely least the ‘Classic edition’, 4100 copies, 4100 dollars.


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